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Since 1930

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a real treat for the palate

Natural Curing


In the heart of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, receiving the strong, dry winds from the high peaks of the mountain, is the town of Juviles, at an altitude of 1,250 m, and in this unbeatable setting, the drying rooms of Jamones de Juviles. This privileged natural enclave allows the proliferation of the rich and varied flora of the entire Mediterranean region. These unique characteristics decisively influence the natural curing of our hams, their aroma, and the prominent colour of their cut. We are sure that you will enjoy savouring a thin slice of our ham that is packed with delicate nuances. A true pleasure for your senses.

natural curing in the Sierra Nevada
at an altitude of 1,300 metres.
good things are worth waiting for healthy, with no additives or preservatives




Ham from


+23 months of natural curing

All pieces selected are subject to severe controls by the Control Board. This constant monitoring guarantees a homogeneous quality and a reduced salt content without using any artificial additives or preservatives.
The natural curing ranges from 17 to over 23 months.

Ham from


+24 months of natural curing

They are typical hams from Alpujarra. Coming from the white pig (female), this ham is characterised for being cured traditionally and naturally, with no nitrifying agents or preservatives, at an altitude of over 1,250 m in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Its curing time ranges between 16 and 36 months. They are subject to the controls of the “Jamón de la Alpujarra” guarantee mark.



+36 months of natural curing

Selected from the meadows with the most acorns by our expert artisans, they are cured naturally in the unbeatable setting of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, with the right amount of salt and no additives or preservatives. A real treat for the palate.

family tradition since 1930

Natural drying rooms


Jamones de Juviles has over 10,000 m2 of natural drying rooms equipped with the most advanced technical resources.
The strict sanitary controls and its unbeatable location within the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, at an altitude of 1,250 m, guarantee an ideal natural curing process.

10.000 m2of natural drying rooms equipped with the most modern sanitary controls in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park

enjoy an authentic taste of Alpujarra

Juviles | Granada


Calle Carretera , 1 • 18452 Juviles (Granada)

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